DiscGolfPark Pro TeePad

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Professionelt TeePad i kunstgræs. 4 x 2 meter.

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Producentens beskrivelse:

Every disc golf hole begins on an initial throwing place – the tee. On new disc golf courses, the most popular tee choice is turf. TeePad tees have a significant effect on the general impression and the usability of the course. A turf mat looks tidy and natural. In addition, they are durable and player-friendly, when maintained properly. TeePads are available in two sizes: Am and Pro.

What do the pros say?

“I really enjoy them, it brings a natural feel to our most unnatural part of the course – the TeePad. I prefer the DiscGolfPark turf TeePad over both cement and rubber TeePads.” (Paul McBeth, 4x World Champion)

“Without a doubt, DiscGolfPark’s turf TeePads should be the standard in disc golf. They look good, feel good and keep my focus where it should be – at the basket.” (Simon Lizotte, European Champion 2012)

Pro TeePad features:

Turf tuft length 3/4 inch (20 mm)

Material polyethene

TeePad size: 6.5′ x 13.5′ (2000 x 4000 mm)

Suitable for both temporary and permanent use

A wooden frame is needed for permanent installation. The wooden frame is to be ordered separately.

Installation on gravel, finer crushed stone or built wooden platform.

Turf mat: Warranty 3 years

Warranty includes the turf mat material. It does not include improperly installed or improperly maintained product.

Installation instructions