Final Nine – Disc Golf Kort Spil

195,00 DKK

Er du ikke i stand til at komme på banen? Spil noget disc golf i hjemmet med dette kort spil!

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FINAL NINE is a compact and competitive card game based on the rules, equipment, features, design, and quirks of DISC GOLF. It’s a game about making decisions, picking the best DISC, applying SKILL, avoiding TROUBLE [or CALLS], hoping for LUCK, and ultimately making the PUTT.

​​FINAL NINE is not a complete emulation of DISC GOLF, it’s more like a caddy, to help you pick the right angle, see the best line, and build a THROW from the DISCS and SKILL at your disposal.

​FINAL NINE can be played over 9 HOLES, 18 HOLES, or Mega 3-6-9 HOLES. It can be played with STANDARD RULES or BATTLE RULES, at a REC, AM or PRO Level of Play. You can use half the cards or double packs, play as a single-player or up to 4 players per 18 HOLES.

FINAL NINE is up to you. Play your Game.