Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Diamond – Inverted stamp









185,00 DKK

Introducing the Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Diamond featuring an Inverted Stamp – the premier pick for newcomers, young players, and those with moderate throwing power in the world of disc golf.

With a weight range spanning from 145g to 159g, the Diamond boasts an impressively featherweight construction, guaranteeing effortless throws and impeccable command.

Its flight trajectory leans towards the understable, delivering exceptional gliding capabilities and a gentle fade. Enhance your disc golf performance with this versatile and beginner-friendly disc golf disc.



The Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Diamond, featuring an Inverted Stamp, revolutionizes the disc golf experience, extending accessibility to a broad spectrum of players, from novices and young enthusiasts to those possessing moderate throwing strength. Meticulously crafted, this disc strikes an ideal balance between performance and command.

One of the most notable attributes of the Diamond is its weight range, spanning from 145g to 159g. This lightweight design ensures that virtually anyone can effortlessly manage and wield the disc. Whether you are embarking on your disc golf journey or aiming to hone your skills, the Diamond stands as the perfect choice.

The Diamond’s flight path is distinguished by its understable characteristics, leading it to naturally veer right (for right-handed throwers) during the initial phase of flight. This trait is especially advantageous for players lacking extreme arm speed or power. The understable flight path facilitates effortless throws and maximizes distance.

Furthermore, the Diamond boasts impressive gliding capabilities and a subtle fade. Its superior glide results in a lengthier, smoother flight trajectory, enabling players to cover more ground with each throw. The subtle fade toward the end of the flight guarantees a controlled descent, mitigating the risk of overshooting the target.

Whether you are introducing a newcomer to the sport, instructing a child in the fundamentals of disc golf, or seeking a disc suitable for your moderate throwing prowess, the Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Diamond is the top choice. Its lightweight construction, understable flight path, exceptional glide, and gentle fade converge to create a well-rounded disc that excels in various scenarios.

In summary, the Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Diamond with an Inverted Stamp is the ideal companion for those in search of a versatile and user-friendly golf disc. Its lightweight design ensures effortless handling and control, rendering it an exceptional selection for beginners, youngsters, and players with moderate throwing strength. The understable flight path, generous glide, and subtle fade elevate your disc golf experience, enabling you to achieve increased distance and precision with each throw.