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2022-09-29 15:00
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Grace is all about smooth distance.



Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion! What an impressive comeback after your elbow injury, you keep impressing us and you have showed in every sense that you are a true champion! To celebrate we are releasing the Grand Orbit Grace – Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion…

Grace is all about smooth distance. It has the control of a fairway driver, and the distance of a high speed driver. That combined with a neutral flight and great glide makes the Grace a versatile distance driver for the masses. Throw with Grace!

Speed: 11 Glide: 6 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

From Kristin Tattar:
Why the Grace? “Grace is a very special disc for me, since it is the only disc that I fell in love with immediately after only couple throws. I think the new blend of plastic fits very well in my hand which makes it easy to trust it, even in wet or cold conditions. In addition to that, I think Grace was something that I had been looking for in L64 line up. It is perfect for hyzer flip max distance shots for me and I can’t imagine my bag without it!”


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