Walkstool Steady

159,20 DKK

Tilbehør til Walkstool Comfort så du undgår at stolens fødder synker ned i den bløde jord.



Walskstool Steady er tilbehør som passer til alle Walkstool Comfort. Den kan bruges med alle Walkstool Comfort modellerne ved at ændre på indstillinger så de passer præcis på din model.

Walkstool Steady er specielt velegnet til disc golf banen fordi den sikrer at fødderne ikke synker ned i jorden.

Walkstool Steady giver desuden ekstra sikkerhed hvis stolen skal bære stor vægt i mange år.

Producentens beskrivelse:

Walkstool Steady is an accessory for Walkstool Comfort. It can be used with all Walkstool Comfort models by changing its setting according to your model. Walkstool Steady is made with three kinds of users in mind:

People using Walkstool outdoors with the risk of having the rubber feet sinking into the ground – typically hunters.

Professional users working on slippery surfaces with the need of making Walkstool even more sturdy and reliable.

Big people in need of a portable seat that will hold their weight for years to come.